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Planting New Trees? Locate Your Lateral Line First!

Electronic Pipe Location is Offered in Universoty Park If you are planning to do some landscaping work this summer, here's something that probably never crossed your mind. The placement of larger landscape trees in your yard can lead to severe plumbing issues if the root systems invade your home's lateral line (the sewer pipe that connects to the city sewer system). Roots are one for the two major causes of clogged drain systems, grease is the other.

Calling in a licensed University Park plumbing contractors to perform electronic pipe location services will help you avoid planting potentially problem-causing trees in the area of your lateral line. This is especially important if you are planning on planting water-loving trees like willows.

Our University Park Plumbing Contractors Say Watch Out For the Willows

Plumbing University Park Texas Suggests Pipe Location Willow trees are the single most common drain intruder. They grow quickly and actively seek moisture. If they reach your lateral line, they will puncture it and start growing down the length of the pipe. These roots will catch various debris and clog the line, causing a potential flood situation.

Elm trees are the other major culprit. These trees were very popular in the 1950s and often lined streets throughout entire neighborhoods. While they don't grow exceptionally fast, they have some of the largest and strongest tree roots around. These roots will bust through lateral lines and crack them. Soil from around the cracked area will flood into the pipes and create a dam.

By consulting a University Park plumbing contractor and being diligent about your tree research, you can prevent a future drain problem from a clogged lateral line.